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Chris Nevile

I went to Vince with the after effects of a knee arthroscopy operation and having just started treatment to alleviate polymyalgia. He was brilliant at establishing with me my objectives and the milestones we needed to guage progress. Now some 4 months later I am in a position I couldn’t have imagined at the start and would wholeheartedly recommend his professional and practical approach . Thanks Vince !

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Gareth Williams

What can I say about Vince, the man is a miracle worker! After years of running (and ACL reconstruction) my body was in a bit of a state. I’ve tried chiropractors before but have never had much luck. Vince was recommended to me and I decided to give it one more shot.

From the very beginning I knew my experience with Vince would be different. He took full notes on what was wrong with me (there was a lot) and then he got to work. Fast forward a few months and several sessions later Vince had managed to get rid of so many of my aches and pains and going into a half marathon race week I never felt better! Then disaster hit four days before the race and I pulled something in my back. I rang Vince and he setup a plan and spent the next three days (even a Saturday at 7am) making sure he got my body into a state where I could run! I would never have got to the start line if it wasn’t for Vince, let alone posted my second quickest half marathon time (PB next year Vince!)

Vince is now a staple of my training regime, he keeps my body ticking over, is always available for any questions and is by far and away the best chiropractor I’ve ever used. My friend and I call Vince the Miracle man and by god has he earned that title!

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Helen Taylor-Walsh
Global IT Director

Vince, is a miracle worker! I recently had a herniated disc in my lower back, I was in more pain that I have ever experienced in my life (outside of child birth!) I couldn't walk properly, stand up, sleep, I was beyond broken. I saw Vince and after only 1 session I was able to stand up straight, pain significantly reduced and after session 2 I was fully mobile. I honestly do not know what I would've done if I hadn't have seen Vince. We have now moved on to fix the rest of me!
I have learnt so much about the body from Vince and the importance of what he is doing, he is also super friendly and creates a wonderful environment for the time you are together.

I can not recommend enough, if you want support, laughter, knowledge and to feel great in so many ways, go and see Vince!

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John A
Oxfordshire Hotels

I’ve known Vince for several years but never visited professionally, yet I knew of his reputation for achieving results. Following several years of Achilles pain and hobbling around, missing hiking and running events I eventually booked in. So, 4 months on, Achilles sorted, heels treated, hamstring and calf tightness relieved, hips levelled, shoulders aligned, BANG, just completed Oxfords half marathon, happy patient
Thank you Vince for putting me back together
Ps, he’s not bad at helping with stress either

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Anna G
Anna Grabowska

I visited Vince following a recommendation from a friend. I was beginning to lose hope that the sever neck pain I had experience for two years would ever go away. I had visited x2 physio's previously (over many, MANY sessions combined) who happily took my money but did not (I realize now) know how to fix the problem. Vince's approach is very impressive because you instantly feel he really cares about getting the body back to full health. He is a very honest individual. I have visited many practitioners in my life and I can honestly say Vince is the best one I have come across. The end of the story is that my neck pain went away after x3 sessions. I choose to visit Vince once a month for maintenance now (my choice) because I ALWAYS feel so good after being re-set by him and it ensures I am maintaining a pain free healthy body. Thank You Vince !!

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Helen Young

After years of back pain and never getting any relief for longer than a day, I went to see Vince after a recommendation from a friend. I can honestly say I am astounded by how much better I feel. Vince's approach to adjustments has been a welcome change to the usual back cracking and now my range of motion is so much improved and the pain gone. I can't recommend Vince enough!

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Management Consultant

I have had problems with my right knee and ankle for years, mainly as a result of sports injuries. I had tried a variety of therapists with limited improvement and had even contemplated surgery - I could not recall the last time I had walked without pain and it was affecting my quality of life.
Vince was recommended by a friend, after the first session there was an immediate improvement and following my fourth session today, I am now walking pain free and very optimistic about continuing improvement.
This has made an enormous impact on me and my physical confidence. Thank you Vince.

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Angela Hardy
Memento Exclusives

Having had a bad fall after being thrown from a horse a number of years ago, I suffered with lower back pain and sciatica. After 4 sessions with Vince and a steady improvement each week my back has been realigned resulting in no back pain or sciatica. What a relief to be pain free. I can recommend and thank Vince for helping me to become pain free and more mobile.

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Mick Watson

Went to Vince with a pain in my shoulder extending down my arm and into my fingers. Diagnosed with the problem stemming from my neck. Vince treated the problem quickly and addressed causes. After 4 treatments I’m fixed and feeling 100%. Can’t recommend Motion Aid enough

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Jenny Byrd
Financial Services

Vince goes above and beyond with his caring treatment and aftercare advice. He has treated my specific issues in a gentle and professional manner and is always happy to discuss any concerns, even after the appointment. On one occasion, I had neck pain and Vince provided gentle adjustment on Saturday evening, outside his normal hours, so that I could attend a dance competition on the Sunday. My saviour! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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Stuart H

After a too enthusiastic lift and carry in the garden I put my back out. Recommended by a neighbour I booked with Vince. Assessment followed by 3 sessions got my flexibility back and back pain removed. I will maintain his exercise regime and regular check-ups with Vince. I found Vince affable, direct and an excellent practitioner. Highly recommended.

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What can I say but congratulations to motionaid chiropractic clinic I’d had horrendous back pain for months and after one adjustment I am completely pain free it feels wonderful so I can’t thank Vince enough for what he’s done.

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Pete Soddy

Following a crushed vertebrae I was left with chronic pain spreading from the hips down the left leg. After numerous visits to private consultants and surgeons I was told by my GP that "we probably will never get to the bottom of this but don't worry - we can give you pain killers to keep you going!"
This wasn't the outcome I was looking for and a friend directed me towards Vince.
The first visit and appraisal was the start of getting things sorted. I am now virtually pain free and just about to set off on a walking holiday in Central America. Although this holiday was always the target with Vince I didn't really believe that it would happen.
Vince has turned this dream into a reality and so I must go and pack my back pack. Thank you Vince for making this possible!!

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My neck pain was so severe it stopped me from driving and sleeping at times. I tried all sorts of remedies over a number of months, to no avail. Vince was then recommended to me by another happy patient. After the second visit with Vince I actually forgot about the neck pain. This was quite surreal.

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Peter Farley
Retired engineer

Like many I have been suffering severe back pain for around 8yrs. I have tried a variety of treatments but without any degree of success. In conversation with friends who’s opinions I respect, it was suggested that I try Vince. I had a report of an MRI scan on my back which Vince studied together with gathering information on my general health & lifestyle. After an initial consultation Vince explained that I would be very sore & that he would follow up in a few days. A few days later and wow! there was a significant reduction in pain and after subsequent treatments this continues together with a vast improvement in my mobility. I’m so glad I found Vince and would not hesitate in recommending him.

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Maggie Honey
Self-employed in Property Rentals

Having had triplets, I expected never to be able to move the same again! Vince not only managed to sort my back and wonky pelvis out, but he also gave me stretches to do at home, which have helped me to remain pain free for the past year.
I can’t thank Vince enough and neither can my boys, as I can no longer blame having triplets for my aches and pains!!!

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Head teacher

I am now bionic!
At the point I found Vince my knee had been arthritic for years; the pain was incredible and it had begun to limit my activities … I was in real danger of having to put my high heels away. More about them later. After 2 appointments the pain had practically gone and after 4 I was able to cycle 12 miles without my knee brace. This had not been possible for at least the last five years. Over the time I have been seeing Vince my strength and flexibility have increase and I can now deadlift 63kg. Obviously, we have discussed the heels and I know his professional recommendation is that I put them away for good. The magic of seeing Vince though is that I am stronger than ever, pain free and whilst I may occasionally decide to wear flat shoes I can walk all day in the sparkly Louboutin’s if I so wish! Just amazing. Thank you Vince

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Sarah Mayson

I can really recommend Vincent. I arrived feeling completely exhausted and in a lot of pain. After the first treatment I slept properly for the first time in weeks.
Thank you 🙏
I have now had two more sessions and the improvements are ongoing.

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Keith Woodward

Motionaid was recommended to me from a work colleague who had extremely successful results from just two visits to Vince's clinic.
I had previously been disappointed with my chiropractors lack of interest in my long-term recovery.
Vince was different from the outset it was clear to me that he wanted to help and not just scratch the surface.
His knowledge and attention to detail is incredible and his warm and positive energy is what you remember when you leave.
My pain has been nearly completely gone and my motion and flexibility increased, and the relief if massive.! It's always a partnership between patient and doctor and not a magic solution or instant cure in my case with a physical job in construction my body is always being stressed but I know now who will put it right👍🙏

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James Taylor
Picture Framer

I've had pain in my neck, lower back and foot for several years now but after visiting Vince for a few weeks the improvement is incredible. His knowledge and quality of care is fantastic and I'm very thankful to Vince for ridding me of my pain which I've had for years. I highly recommend Vince.

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Geoff Shipperley

Being recommended I arranged to see Vincent having been told I have early stages of osteoarthritis in my knee which when trying to walk became very painful.Since my visits to see Vincent I have been very pleased with the progress I have made,looking back on how much discomfort I was in on my first visit and how I am today has certainly changed.I have found the pain became less servere and my movement improved greatly now giving me the opportunity to do far more than I was previously able to achieve

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Jack Weatherley

Vince works diligently with you to get to the root cause of your problems, this focus gives you confidence that you are not only going to be in less discomfort immediately, but working to a long term solution. I cannot recommend Vince highly enough.

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Derek Noble
Car Build manager

Having suffered with back and hip arthritis over the past few years , from first consultation to this day I’ve lost pain and stiffness due to the knowledge Vince has in this field . He found my issues straight away and I feel like a younger active person again ,thank you .

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Gemma Amond

I have had a number of treatments from Vince at Motion Aid. He is thorough, treats the whole body and incredibly professional. He follows up with his patients to see how they’re feeling and has just sent me a video of himself showing some other techniques to help ease my neck. Thank you Vince - that’s incredible patient care.

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After only two sessions I feel that Vince is improving the quality of my daily life. I'm extremely fortunate to live near him so that I can see him regularly. Although my back and hip problems are ongoing, I have an encouraging sense of increased resilience after each session and the positive psychological impact each time is significant. Apart from his most impressive client care and therapeutic skills, his perceptions, judgements and then appropriate treatments are outstanding.

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Graham Harding
Engineering Manager

My First contact with Vince was an emergency call on the morning of New years eve. As I tried to stand up from my bed, I just experienced a shooting pain up my spine, the kind that just drops you to the floor and leaves you whimpering in the foetal position. It took me an hour to just crawl down the stairs to seek some assistance.
Vince was recommended to me by a neighbour but I wasn't hopeful of getting professional help on New year's eve.
Thankfully, Vince answered his phone and went out of his way to ensure that he saw me before the day had ended. There aren't many people that would do that nowadays.
I was so grateful to Vince and will definitely be visiting again to prevent a re-occurrence.

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Chloe Tupper
Yoga Teacher (updated)

Another trip to the countryside...visiting Vince always leaves me wishing I lived closer or he lived closer to London! Vince's intuition to treat is spot on and he takes into account the whole body. His dynamic knowledge is comforting and I always feel more centred on my trip back to London.

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Phil Danglidis
Commercial Director & 'wannabe athlete', The Memento Group

Vince's sheer amount of knowledge and enthusiasm goes unrivalled and his time is quite honestly the best investment I have made in a long time.
Having experienced many sports massages over the years, Vince's sessions are so much more than this. His treatments leave me feeling beaten into shape but in the best way possible but more than that, they are an education.
In the few months I have been visiting there have been clear benefits and the lessons I have learned mean I can continue to make progress in my own time - the results really don’t lie.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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There are not enough good words for me to use to praise this man & his talents....
I call his treatment room ‘The magic shed’! You enter with niggles & aches & pains & when you leave you will feel like you have been completely ironed out of all of those knots, it’s like being out through the most amazing mangle 😉
Vince really knows his stuff, I’ve had a lot of treatments during my career from various different practitioners & hands down Vince is head & shoulders above the rest.
He has a fantastic sense of humour & makes you feel incredible comfortable & helps you to understand all that he is doing & how you can help yourself going forward.
He genuinely cares about you & that is what adds a whiole different level to the treatments.
I’m so glad that he was recommended to me & that I have ‘The magic shed’ to help keep me in tip top condition as a busy singer and Mum of 2. I try to go once a month to act as a preventative, to stay on top of my ailments.
I’ve recommended Vince to many friends & they would all echo my comments on here.
Try it for yourselves & you’ll be very glad that you did!

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Ian Darkin
Director - One Traveller

As a company we like to do ‘different’ things to keep employee morale high. We decided to run a wellness day at our offices in Norfolk and asked Vince South of Motionaid to spend two days at our office to assess the wellbeing of our team and carry out treatments where necessary.

Most of our 25 employees took part in this and were treated by Vince throughout the two days.

Vince went beyond the call of duty by liaising with the team individually in the week before their treatment in order to maximise their time. Post treatment Vince took the time to look at their work stations and seating positions to advise them on simple changes they could make to improve their posture.

The feedback I received from the team really impressed me as the team were really appreciative of this investment in them with many requests to do this day once again in the future.

Business owners out there reading this I would highly recommend Vince’s services; your team will truly appreciate the fact that you are investing in them.

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Chloe Tupper
Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

Vince was very accommodating to a weekend session. His knowledge is thoughtful and diverse; I have seen many therapists and can say that Vince’s approach to mobility and adjustments is thorough and therapeutic. I wish I lived closer to book a bi-monthly session at least to keep me in “top” shape for my classes and life. Thanks Vince.

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Amanda Kelly

Highly recommend Vince and his treatment. He is working his magic correcting my body and is very accommodating on times for peeps with busy lives. Worth an assessment with Vince. His knowledge is vast.

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Paul Summerfield

Only two sessions but what a difference…
My back is the big winner I didn't realise what a massive change would happen from my first appointment. Don’t get me wrong I still have some pains but nothing like before.
The benefits of sleeping better and no stabbing pain in my lower back all make life a lot easier.

As for my shoulder troubles that's still work in progress no more injections for me because of how you've shown me how to stretch properly this can only get better.

We both know where these problems started after my accident in the pit lane in 1995 and not having proper aftercare. So I’ve had 23 years of my body compensating as best it can. With my leg being smashed and operated on 8 times ending up shorter than the other it was bound to cause me problems.

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Sophie Rudge

I have scoliosis which causes flare-ups in ankles, hips, neck and shoulder. At one point, I had been told by other practitioners that maybe running (something I get a lot out of both physically and mentally) was something I’d have to give up.

When things got to crisis point even the first treatment with Vince gave me great relief. Periodic sessions in his very capable hands, alongside self-care (he gives great tips for specific targeted stretches), have allowed me to keep things in check and enabled me to keep cycling and running without niggles building up to unbearable levels of pain. I have found his approach more useful than several courses of physio previously tried.

Be warned: this is targeted effective massage from someone that truly understands the workings of the body, not just the pampering kind with a bit of extra pressure. I love that feeling that someone has really got in and done some good!

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Michelle Green

I saw Vince the first time a couple of months ago, for several areas of back pain that had been troubling me. Not only was he really flexible in terms of timings (I've found it hard in the past to see physios outside of work hours), but he was totally professional, knowledgeable and diligent. I honestly felt like I'd had a proper, thorough treatment and that I was in safe hands. I've been back since and will continue to as I've seen clear benefits, totally recommend.

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James O’Shea

Vince is a very knowledgeable and highly qualified in what he does. He has treated me on several occasions and as a Sports Massage Therapist myself he is now the only person I go to and trust with my own issues. Excellent work, keep it up.

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Michelle Stephens

Having treatment is always good for you but I really had no idea what a positive effect a session with Vincent would have. I’ve had a lot of knee pain as well as upper back and neck stiffness which can be very uncomfortable and was certainly very tense. Vincent not only puts you at ease but takes the time to completely understand your lifestyle and health as well as your general well-being.

Motion Aid offers a range of treatments and has helped me to understand what works for me. My first visit to the Motion Aid practice gave me instant relief and I will continue to go regularly to keep myself in good order.

Vincent is experienced, caring and incredibly knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Motion Aid

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Brian McCarthy

I’m a convert. I had always thought Sports Massage was for elite athletes or the over pampered self-indulgent – I’m neither. I came off my bike during a recent Amsterdam to Bristol bike ride. Vince helped my healing process and a few weeks later I cycled Ventoux – fit and refreshed. Going forward I will be a regular with Vince, both for rehab and ongoing maintenance. Thanks Vince!

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