Head teacher
I am now bionic! At the point I found Vince my knee had been arthritic for years; the pain was incredible and it had begun to limit my activities … I was in real danger of having to put my high heels away. More about them later. After 2 appointments the pain had practically gone and after 4 I was able to cycle 12 miles without my knee brace. This had not been possible for at least the last five years. Over the time I have been seeing Vince my strength and flexibility have increase and I can now deadlift 63kg. Obviously, we have discussed the heels and I know his professional recommendation is that I put them away for good. The magic of seeing Vince though is that I am stronger than ever, pain free and whilst I may occasionally decide to wear flat shoes I can walk all day in the sparkly Louboutin’s if I so wish! Just amazing. Thank you Vince