Director - One Traveller
As a company we like to do ‘different’ things to keep employee morale high. We decided to run a wellness day at our offices in Norfolk and asked Vince South of Motionaid to spend two days at our office to assess the wellbeing of our team and carry out treatments where necessary. Most of our 25 employees took part in this and were treated by Vince throughout the two days. Vince went beyond the call of duty by liaising with the team individually in the week before their treatment in order to maximise their time. Post treatment Vince took the time to look at their work stations and seating positions to advise them on simple changes they could make to improve their posture. The feedback I received from the team really impressed me as the team were really appreciative of this investment in them with many requests to do this day once again in the future. Business owners out there reading this I would highly recommend Vince’s services; your team will truly appreciate the fact that you are investing in them.

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