What can I say about Vince, the man is a miracle worker! After years of running (and ACL reconstruction) my body was in a bit of a state. I’ve tried chiropractors before but have never had much luck. Vince was recommended to me and I decided to give it one more shot. From the very beginning I knew my experience with Vince would be different. He took full notes on what was wrong with me (there was a lot) and then he got to work. Fast forward a few months and several sessions later Vince had managed to get rid of so many of my aches and pains and going into a half marathon race week I never felt better! Then disaster hit four days before the race and I pulled something in my back. I rang Vince and he setup a plan and spent the next three days (even a Saturday at 7am) making sure he got my body into a state where I could run! I would never have got to the start line if it wasn’t for Vince, let alone posted my second quickest half marathon time (PB next year Vince!) Vince is now a staple of my training regime, he keeps my body ticking over, is always available for any questions and is by far and away the best chiropractor I’ve ever used. My friend and I call Vince the Miracle man and by god has he earned that title!