Anna Grabowska
I visited Vince following a recommendation from a friend. I was beginning to lose hope that the sever neck pain I had experience for two years would ever go away. I had visited x2 physio's previously (over many, MANY sessions combined) who happily took my money but did not (I realize now) know how to fix the problem. Vince's approach is very impressive because you instantly feel he really cares about getting the body back to full health. He is a very honest individual. I have visited many practitioners in my life and I can honestly say Vince is the best one I have come across. The end of the story is that my neck pain went away after x3 sessions. I choose to visit Vince once a month for maintenance now (my choice) because I ALWAYS feel so good after being re-set by him and it ensures I am maintaining a pain free healthy body. Thank You Vince !!

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