Personal Services

Whether you are into sports or not our treatments will enhance your well being and quality of life. Awake or asleep our bodies can easily fall into a bad posture. In this case, strained areas of the body cause pain, pain can then causes dysfunction due to compensation.

After an initial assessment, we will tailor a treatment for your specific needs, then give you continued support moving forward. Very common issues we see are Sciatica which is pain shooting down the leg. Assorted neck and back issues caused by anything from heavy lifting too spending to much time in the car or at the computer.

We will always do our best to help you become pain-free.

Professional Services

Our treatments are important to anyone who wants to enhance their well being.

Sports Professionals or Corporate Professionals it’s all about performance, functionality and mindset. At a sporting event treatments can enhance your performance and limit injury.

In the office much the same if you are pain-free and aware of your own body then you will perform better, have more energy with a great mindset.

Industry Recognition

Motion Aid is a member of The Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM) who set the standard for practitioners in the UK. Vincent holds a Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage level 5 from the Oxford School Of Sports & Remedial Massage (OSSM).

Vincent has traveled the globe with various race drivers preparing them for competition. We are currently building our practice at Stone Cottage Clinic, where we are helping several clients with a variation of sporting injuries back to full strength, also working with many non-sporting folk with injuries they have been carrying with them for many years.

Soft Tissue Therary and Sports Massage can help you with
  • BACK
  • NECK
aches, pains and injuries

Typical Treatment

£46 Per Session
  • Full case history.
  • Functional movement test to enable a visual on any dysfunction and compensation.
  • Discuss the treatment and what outcome we are aiming for.
  • Treatments are normally active and passive.
  • Re-assess at the end to see what improvements have been made in which area.