Government Guidance - COVID-19

We will be following our current government guidance to keep us all as safe as possible, and keeping up with guidance changes as and when they happen.

  1. If you think you have or are have a high temperature or other symptoms please let me know so we can discuss.
  2. As a precaution, I’ll be taking your temperature on arrival so I can make a note on your record card.
  3. I’ll be wearing either a mask or a visor during the sessions along with an apron
  4. All sessions will have a gap in between to ensure the room is aired out and cleaned before each patient comes in.
  5. If you have any illness, you are shielding or you are in the vulnerable bracket please call or e-mail me before booking so we can discuss requirements.
  6. If your a new patient please ensure you fill your medical form out and submit before your session.
  7. Please bring your own water as we can no longer supply this.
  8. Please avoid wearing jewellery.

The calendar is now open, so please choose a date and time that suits you to come in.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you back to The Motion Aid Clinic!

Stay Safe!