About Me

Hello, my name is Vincent and I am a Soft Tissue Therapist in Deddington, Oxfordshire.

After a number of years working in Formula One, I decided it was time for a change of career path. Following numerous injuries of my own, I wanted to understand how the human body worked and how I could become pain-free.

In 2010 I began studying the human body to enable me to assess peoples injuries and helping them with rehabilitation. My aim was simple; to help others avoid the pain that I had experienced in the past.

Motion Aid runs daytime and evening clinics at Stone Cottage Clinic in Deddington.

The Motion Aid mission is to reinstate range of motion which will allow people to use their bodies to its maximum potential and live a pain-free life.


Sports Massage 100%
Deep Tissue Massage 100%
Postural Assessment & Correction 100%
Event Support 100%
Corporate Wellness 100%

Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

The soft tissues of the body refer to muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Maintenance of soft tissues requires management, manipulation, prehabilitation & rehabilitation to any individual regardless of whether they are involved in sport or not.

Our sessions very often differ from a general sports massage in a number of ways, firstly our clients are not all from a sporting background, Secondly, in your soft tissue therapy session, a variety of other techniques may be used to provide appropriate treatment. These techniques include: Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Soft Tissue Release (STR), Assisted Stretching, Deep Tissue Friction, Myofascial Release and Joint Mobilisation. We will also check anatomical alignments of the pelvis, shoulder girdle and look for any spinal deviations which may be causing other issues. We will always mobilise Feet, Ankles, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Hands & Fingers as our standard protocol, before moving onto other areas.

The manipulation of soft tissue brings great relief to many who are suffering from postural dysfunction. We can see the results very quickly. Once the soft tissue starts to release, this will allow the bones to move back into their correct position, in return decrease pain and improve range of movement.

The benefits of our treatments are endless and felt by everyone

Max Chilton

Working with Vince for a year of my career was a pleasure. His knowledge of the job he loves is second to none and really helped me reach the peak of my performance during race weekends and the build-up to the season