Remembering to Remember to do what you said you would…does that sound familiar?
We are all running around at 100 MPH, but how many are stopping to think about your own wellbeing?

Every day we see clients who are trying to find that space in their day to dedicate to themselves. It’s always possible, it’s called planning! We all have 24hrs in a day 7 days in a week, so ensure you take time to look after you!

I am still discussing Posture and ways to live pain free on a daily basis. It’s up to us to remember to make the change and move forwards, to enable us to do that we need to keep an eye on our bodies signals.

Everyone is enrolling in challenges for themselves and either doing things they have never done or planning on improving on a personal best. This, for me, is just fantastic and a great way to propel yourself into another league. BUT I am finding that lots of people are forgetting what they actually need to get to the next level. As you all know by now I have spent many years in the Formula One arena and without looking after all of the components on the car, that car and its parts will FAIL. A Formula One car spends more time in bits than it does together that is a FACT.

What I am alluding to is that, all of the miles of running, cycling, swimming or whatever your chosen sport is without keeping an eye on yourself, can cause dysfunctions and issues. Often lots of injuries could have been avoided just by having some for thought and reflect on how you feel post exercise, where is the area that continuously hurts time and time again. Often, we are all trying to smash personal best’s etc, by adjusting diets, maybe even training harder. How many times do you think, actually soft tissue treatment bone alignment will enhance my performance? If you can move in a more efficient way then guess what? you will make light work of everything you do.

As the title of this blog “Remembering To Remember” to look at yourself. how are you sitting, standing, walking, to reduce injury and improve your performance? Remember as I always say this is not just about sports men and women it’s about everybody! I have this conversation every day and I get the same response from most people. “I didn’t think of that” and that’s fine but we are here to help and educate you to be the best you can be. Being in tune with how we move and why we move like we do, can be a huge step forwards in performance ability and the general feeling of strength, agility and being pain free.