As the colder weather closes in, be mindful of a few things whilst training for events or just living your daily life.

Cold weather will cause the muscles to lose heat faster, this will inevitably make them contract more than usual. You will possibly feel this in your range of movement, at this point you can also pinch nerves more easily.

Even if you are warm whilst exercising, as the temperature drops ensure you keep yourself as covered as possible. It’s very easy to throw off the layers, that’s when you could be in the danger zone for injury as the muscles cool down, but you are still pushing on trying to smash your PB. REMEMBER your competitiveness is important, but not as important as your well being.

We are certainly already seeing some injuries that are being caused by early morning sessions with insufficient warms ups. These same injuries are not being rested enough so they are taking much longer to heel, so give yourself a longer warm up time and warm down which is just as important.

TIP: If you feel a tweak coming on whilst exercising then the best thing to do is STOP, Pushing through the pain will make the issue worse and could cause you to be out of action for longer.

If you already suffer from aches and pains, just remember that these will need to be better managed in the colder weather.

The idea is to keep fit and healthy all winter, be mindful and look after your muscles and they will look after you.


If you are suffering from pain caused by the cold weather, why not get in touch for a consultation.

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