Back Pain…

Where do people get chronic backache treated?



Mostly only prescribe exercises to treat chronic back pain, but these exercises do not always get the required results. The exercises may be of good quality, but the issue is people often cannot do them because of injury pain levels. Soft tissue treatments first can then enhance the physio and exercise sessions.


The Gym

Only work’s if you really know what exercises will be safe and effective to treat the problem. Even using the correct exercises, when the muscles are stiff and painful to start with it can be impossible to do them well, or safely. A good soft tissue treatment coupled with exercise, can be the only way for rehabilitation to actually begin.


Pilates or Yoga

Both of these disciplines can be a fantastic way to increase flexibility and strength, also postural alignment will help reduce injury. Once again it is very difficult to perform both yoga and pilates when muscle are tight and painful. Soft tissue treatments will increase range of motion and reduce muscle pain.


Soft Tissue Therapy

In most cases is the fastest and most effective way to reduce chronic back pain. It speeds up the recovery of muscles & tissues, better than anything else can. A good therapist will not just look at the injury that is being presented but also look into the underlying cause, offering advice and care moving forwards.


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